Ongoing Journeys – Rich Wiles

Ongoing Journeys is an interactive multi-media platform through which displaced people who are attempting to rebuild their lives in the UK tell their own stories.

Ongoing Journeys has been designed to be equally at home when incorporated into secondary schools or colleges as an educational platform, or as a gallery/museum installation piece presented either independently or alongside the touring photographic exhibition.

Through this platform, end-users are able to step into the lives of displaced people through photography and video, and ask questions which will be answered by the project participants themselves through interactive audio.

Born through collaborations between socially-engaged photographic artist Rich Wiles and various displaced people in the UK, and in association with project partners Counterpoints Arts, Ongoing Journeys is rooted in the understanding that more must be done to help people understand the stories and lives of displaced people in today’s world, and that no-one is better positioned to present these experiences than the people who live them.

Ongoing Journeys is a ‘virtual meeting place’ – a place in which to interact, listen, learn and think.

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